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Ordinaire Jane winner of the Group 3 6ty Bandbox Final for trainer Brooke Hammond and driver Troy Hillier

2 months ago

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7 months ago

Fresh Chilled horse semen. It is simple and it works. We are heavily involved in standardbred breeding and this industry has it all sorted. I am dismayed at the lack of understanding within other breeds as to how it works.
We currently have almost 60 dry mares and over 10 wet mares to get in foal so we do know how it works.We also stand five stallions and collect from them all. But our non standardbreds are proving a
problem simply because stallion owners havent done their home work.
If you plan on standing a stallion and advertising he is available for chilled semen then practise first!!!!
Some stallions learn first lesson, others take a while but you must know that he will use an AV and that his semen will travel.
Mares wait for nothing when they are on heat. They dont give a rats whether you are too busy, too sick or just cant be bothered they will just go ahead and ovulate. if they do that when they dont have semen in them they just dont get in foal.
Stallion owners must be mindful that they have the least problem. Mare owners are literally left holding the baby.
Mare owners bear the costs of getting their mare in foal and at the end of the pregnancy (if they get one!) suffer the heartache and costs of any dramas. Without long suffering mare owners there is no place for stallion owners.
I just dont get that a stallion owner can just not be able to produce semen for a mare on heat without thought for what it will cost the person who is paying for the mare. If ou do own a mare and you are looking at the costs be mindful of the costs and do some investigation (eg we pay about $50 to send a box of semen with Quantas anywhere in Australia!)
If you are going to stand a stallion and you are not sure about the process ask someone who does. Any one who wont impart their knowledge has forgotten how they started. Anyone who has a Standardbred is a good place to start, as the breeding side of that industry runs extremely well and very easily.
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9 months ago

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Sharyn SlaterWell said1   ·  9 months ago

Nicola JeffriesThe stand breeders have got great Ai practices..have always Ai and always got a foal2   ·  9 months ago

Ruth MacleodSo very true Sue. Best of luck with your breeding season this year. Still very keen to put a mare to Devilish Smile. May have to wait until next year though.9 months ago

Kerry TreasureShame the freight companies cant get it right and get it on the rite flight.1   ·  8 months ago

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